Innovative complete clear and water soluble curcumin liquid
water soluble curcumin liquid

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    25th Jan, 2016
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    2 Yrs. from D.O.M
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About the Product:

C-AQUASOL™ is an innovative complete clear and water soluble curcumin liquid developed by Medclear Healthcare Pvt Ltd by using our innovative proprietary patent pending novel MED-SD-SOL™ platform technology. C-AQUASOL™ contains minimum 5% w/w curcuminoids found naturally in turmeric.

Keep your product unique and add USP with our novel ingredient

Our technology will give uniqueness to your product. Add USP to your product with our innovative technology.

In recent years, Curcumin-Turmeric Extract, has received global attention due to it’s multiple health benefits which are scientifically proven such as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, joint health, hepatoprotective, neuroprotective, cardioprotective, anticarcinogenic and many more. In order to hold the market in the highly competitive curcumin global market, your product should be unique with consumer desirable unique selling points (USP). Differentiate your product with our innovative, novel ingredient C-AQUASOL™.

C-AQUASOL™ contains curcumin in amorphous form, water soluble form (crystalline form of native curcumin is converted to amorphous form by using MED-SD-SOL technology) which facilitate more absorption in the body and thus by more bioavailability.

C-AQUASOL™ is Free of: Nano Form, liposomal form, black pepper extract (Piperine), alcohol and other organic solvents unlike other existing curcumin products in the market.

Being liquid form and great taste, C-AQUASOL™ is more consumer compliance compared to powder, tablet and capsule form. As it is water soluble form in liquid state C-AQUASOL™ is easily miscible with any aqueous based formulations or applications.


  • ● For the fortification of Water Based Beverages (Carbonated, Non-Carbonated), Sports Drinks, Fruit Juices and Fruit Juice Drinks, Fruit Nectar’s
  • ● As a Dietary Supplement in the form of Syrup, Drops, Shots (50 ml – 70 ml) (Replacement of conventional tablets & Capsules)- being water soluble, enhance bioavailability of curcumin (More Soluble ~ More Bio-available)
  • ● Topical use- can be used in Skin Products (Gels, Creams) and Cosmetic Products
  • ● Ingredient in Mouth Washes, Toothpaste etc.
  • ● Dairy Products (curcumin fortified Milk, Yogurt, Curd etc.)


  • ● Breakthrough advance formula in curcumin technology
  • ● More absorption and thus by more bioavailability over conventional native curcumin
  • ● Consumer friendly dosage form
  • ● Free of Alcohol and other harmful organic solvents
  • ● Great Taste, Palatable and free of unpleasant curcumin odour

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