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Water Soluble Curcumin Liquid


World's 1st Curcumin Liquid in Water Soluble Form.
Natural Food Color Curcutint


World's 1st Natural Color in Water Soluble Form.
Herbal Curcumin Tea


Herbal Curcumin Tea.

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  • Curclear Syrup
  • Curcutint
  • CurcuTea
Curclear Syrup

Curclear Syrup

● Natural Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine with no side effects.
● 1st time in world, curcumin in syrup form (water soluble form) by breakthrough invention (patent pending) in curcumin technology
● CURCLEAR™ SYRUP offers the health benefits of curcumin, in a most convenient and absorbable form (syrup) in reduced dose by being water soluble curcumin form

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Directions for Use

  • 1Take half glass of cold water
  • 2Add 1 ml of syrup with dropper
  • 3Mix well with spoon and drink
Natural Food Coloring Agent


● Being natural food color, more eco-friendly than the synthetic colors.
● Derived from natural source (Turmeric Rhizome) unlike it’s counter parts synthetic colors.
● Free from carcinogenic components.

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unique selling point

  • 1Natural food colour & Eco-friendly
  • 2No side-effects unlike synthetic colours
  • 3Miscible or soluble in aqueous based products
Golden Tea, Turmeric Tea


Form: 2ml liquid in sachet.
Mode of usage: Iced Tea (or) Hot tea
● Each sachet provides Curcumin 100 mg in water soluble form.

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Directions for Use

  • 1Take cup ofhot water
  • 2pour one sachet of curcutea
  • 3Mix well with spoon and drink
The Next Generation Curcumin


C-AQUASOL™ is an innovative complete clear and water soluble curcumin liquid developed by Medclear Healthcare Pvt Ltd by using our innovative proprietary patent pending novel MED-SD-SOL™ platform technology. C-AQUASOL™ contains minimum 5% w/w curcuminoids found naturally in turmeric.

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Unique Selling Point

  • 1advanced formula in curcumin technology
  • 2The next generation curcumin
  • 3More Bioavailable over native curcumin & consumer friendly
Curcumin Technology


MED-SD-SOL™ is a novel unique patent pending technology that converts hydrophobic, water insoluble curcumin (native powder form) into water soluble curcumin in liquid form to enhance absorption in the body and thus by bioavailability.

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Directions for Use

  • 1Take half glass ofcold water
  • 2Add 1 ml of syrup with dropper
  • 3Mix well with spoon and drink

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Water Soluble Curcumin Technology

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